At the end of August a satisfied WOW client – The City of Bozeman, Montana – shared a great article from the August 2015 edition of the AWWA Journal in which their water refill station was profiled!

The City of Bozeman purchased a Classic Water Refill Station from WOW in 2014.

Read the whole Communication Without Words: How Utilities Can Become Visible to Their Customers article on our website now!

Bozeman has experienced amazing success keeping residents and visitors to local events hydrated using their water refill station. The station purchase has helped the Bozeman municipality communicate the value of water, open the channels of communication about the benefits of tap water over bottled water, and generate “a lot of fun discussions…about where their water comes from”. Purchasing a WOW water refill station for your event or municipality can provide similar results to your city’s hydration demands as well.

Find out more about how to purchase a Water-on-Wheels water refill station and how WOW can help your event or municipality hydrated using existing tap water infrastructure on the Buy a Station webpage, our Contact WOW today to discuss your hydration needs!

Happy reading!