Engaging local companies and businesses to sponsor the purchase of your WOW water refill station is a great way to offset the cost of buying a station.

Local companies and businesses can also be engaged to sponsor your station while in use at events.

WOW is happy to provide information below to help you secure local sponsors that may be interested in supporting the purchase and use of WOW water refill stations in your community.

Share the information below with prospective sponsors, and include the advantages of sponsoring a WOW water refill station into your event or organization’s sponsorship materials.

Reasons to Sponsor a Water Station

  • Gain exposure through hands-on use of the water station by patrons and attendees
  • Partner with a local sustainable initiative to support the environment
  • Help reduce the environmental impact of community events
  • Help eliminate waste generated from packaged water bottles

Ways to Activate a Water Station Sponsorship

  • Brand the front of the station with custom graphics
  • Give away branded reusable bottles or cups
  • Have sponsor staff/volunteers onsite filling water bottles
  • Have sponsor staff/volunteers wear ‘Water Team’ t-shirts
  • Engage a water flavoring brand to sample their product at the water station

Ways to Show ROI (Return on Investment) to Sponsors

  • Track the number of bottles refilled (water meter on every station)
  • Share the number of bottles refilled stats on social media
  • Share the number of bottles refilled with sponsors showing hands-on brand engagement