Buy a WOW water refill station to keep visitors and attendees hydrated at your next community event, concert, college orientation event, conference or sport tournament.

WOW water refill stations easily connect to any regular garden hose faucet and distribute unlimited water refills. By making a water station available in your community you can decrease the need for commercially packaged water bottles, show off the quality of your local drinking water, and commit to improving the local environment. 

Find out more below about what water station will best suit your needs.

Water Station Models

Mini Station

The Mini Station is great for community events, schools, municipalities and recreation centres. Affordable, durable and easy to use.

$3,700 Canadian Dollars
$2,850 US Dollars

(+ taxes and shipping)

Table Top Station

The WOW Table Top Station is great for indoor and outdoor events. Making water refilling possible anywhere a folding table or sturdy surface is available.

$4,200 Canadian Dollars
$3,300 US Dollars

(+ taxes and shipping)