Water-on-Wheels (WOW) is a proudly Canadian company, in business since 2010.

WOW sells Canadian-made mobile water refill stations that are ideal for both temporary community events and long-term use in public spaces such as parks and business districts.

WOW stations are very popular among events, sports organizations, municipalities, and colleges/universities.

We started as a rental company and in 2016 transitioned to exclusively manufacturing and selling our water refill stations. This change in business allows WOW to focus on supporting the goal of eliminating packaged plastic water bottles permanently.

WOW now only manufactures and sells stations. To get connected with WOW customers that make their stations available for rent visit our Rental Referral Program page.

WOW water refill stations are made in Ontario, Canada and sold around the world.

Our mobile water refill stations are made from stainless steel and connect to any garden hose faucet. WOW stations make refilling water bottles possible from anywhere there is a drinking water source.

To receive a quote for purchasing and receiving a WOW water refill station contact us today.

Why choose WOW?

WOW staff are friendly, knowledgeable and look forward to working with you before during and after the purchase of any WOW stations.

WOW water refill stations are affordable, durable and easy-to-use.

WOW stations were built to withstand being rented out to hundreds of events, and now we are selling these proven and successful stations to the public.

WOW stations make it easy to refill hundreds of bottles an hour.

WOW stations help your organization improve its environmental impact and eliminate the need for disposable bottles of water.

WOW stations connect to any garden hose faucet, municipal fire hydrant service or hose bib.

WOW stations are great for indoor or outdoor use.

WOW stations are brandable to display graphics promoting your event, organization or sponsors.