WOW is proud to share some of the feedback and testimonials we have received from our purchase clients.

Trinity1“Everything is working very well with the WOW Mini Station. We successfully used it for our biggest event of the year, and are planning on using it intensively during Orientation Week in the beginning of September.” – Trinity College, ON; 2016

WOW14_bozeman_clientpic_1“The kickoff in summer 2014 provided hundreds of gallons of city tap water to some 14,000 people at an outdoor festival…it generated a lot of fun discussions…and got people thinking about where their water comes from. The water refill station can be easily transported and the signage changed.” – Bozeman, MT; 2015


BBB“We recently took delivery of our new Water-on-Wheels water station and gave it a workout on July 1. It was greatly appreciated by many who stopped for a sip or to fill their own water bottle or give a pet a drink!” – Beaverton, ON; 2014


“Both [stations] arrived in great shape, one is up and running for crew/staff water for our load in and works very well!” – Calgary, AB; 2014