Table Top Station


Table Top

Table Top Station – Front View

Affordable, durable and set-ups on any study surface.

$4,200 Canadian Dollars
$3,300 US Dollars
(+ taxes and shipping)

Perfect for indoor and outdoor events, backyard pool parties and BBQs, inside gymnasiums and at sporting events!

Refills 900 bottles per hour.

Never runs out of water.

Table Top

Table Top Station – Top View


3 water bottle refill faucets.

Handles for easy lifting.

Water meter to track refills.

Use: Simply place on top of any stable surface, connect to a water source and allow guests to serve themselves.

This station is best transported by two people.

Water: Connects to any garden hose faucet and distributes unlimited water. WOW stations do not hold water.

Brand Your Table Top Station

The front panel of the station can be custom-branded to feature event information, recognize sponsors, and promote an organization.

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