WOW has recently transitioned from station rentals to manufacturing and selling our stations.

For this reason WOW is selling its existing inventory of gently-used rental stations at discounted prices.

All rental stations for sale come with a six-month warranty. Find more information about station conditions and pricing below.

Classic StationsSale on Classic stations

Number available: 3

Year built: 2015

Condition: Very good

Times used: Varies by station; ~15-25 events per station

Discount price: $7,500 +HST, per station.

Existing branding on all stations will be removed prior to sale.


Water TableSale on water stations

Number available: 1

Year built: 2013

Condition: Good

Times used: ~30 events

Discount price: $1,500 +HST


Food grade hosing

Number available: ~24 x 25-foot pre-cut hose lengths.

Condition: Good

Discount price: $50 per 25-foot length