Referral Program


Join WOW’s Rental Referral Program to make your station available for rent to other events in your area and earn extra income.

How does the program work?

Program partners give their permission to have WOW email and post online their contact information for follow up by prospective rental clients.

WOW provides referrals to program partners up to 100 kilometers from the location of rental inquiry, anywhere in the world that stations are made available for rent.

Station owners may then be contacted by rental inquirers to explore the opportunity to rent or borrow your station(s).

The decision to rent or loan your stations and all related details remain between the station owner and the inquirer.

WOW is looking for Referral Program partners willing to make their stations available to events in or near: Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, California, Florida, New York State.

Next steps

Already own a station? Contact WOW today to register for the Rental Referral Program!

Need a station? Visit the Buy A Station page for more information about purchasing a WOW water refill station.