WOW sells a selection of materials at competitive prices to support using connecting and maintaining the water refill stations you purchase. Browse the materials below for more information about each item.

All prices are in Canadian dollars and subject to applicable taxes and shipping charges.

Charcoal filter

ExcelpureTM C1-05 (PENTEK C1) Carbon Impregnated Cellulose Filter Cartridge

Purchase price: $9 each.

Filtration capacity: 9,700 litres (2562.5 gallons)

Compatible with filtration housings installed on all WOW water stations.


Water hose

Blue Potable (Food-grade) Water Hose

Purchase price: $3.45/foot, sold in 25 foot lengths.

WOW does not recommend connecting stations to standard garden hose. Garden hose is not designed for drinking water consumption; find out more.


Hose connections

Quick-connect Hose Connections, 2 pieces

Purchase price: $12.99 each

Male-female connection ends make connecting lengths of potable water hosing easy.


Compostable cups

Compostable 7 oz. cups (300 pkg.)

Purchase price: $24.99 (300 cups)

These compostable cups provide a great solution for event attendees who forgot their refillable bottles at home. iEco cups are made from plant products, allowing your event to have a reduced environmental footprint.


WOW Stadium Cups (12 oz.)

WOW Stadium Cups (12 oz.)

Purchase price: $2.99 each; $25 / 25 cups; $50 / 100 cups

Love WOW?! Order your WOW stadium cups and share the love. Cups hold 12 oz., and are dishwasher safe!