New station coming soon

WOW will soon launch its newest water refill station model.

The latest WOW station will feature 3 refill faucets and a longer sink.

Made with the same attention to quality and ease of use, the new station is a bit larger to allow for more hydration from a single station.

Stay tuned for the official launch of this new station with pictures and details on our website coming soon!



Buy now for summer

Make the investment!

Spring is here and WOW is honoured to have heard from many of already this year about purchasing water stations for your 2018 events.

If you are still putting your event sustainability plans together, we encourage you to connect with us to find out more about how economical and practical it is to own and use a WOW water refill station.

We look forward to connecting with helping to keep your 2018 events hydrated!


Own a station? Rent it out.

WOW launches Rental Referral Program!

Interested in purchasing WOW water refill stations for your event or organization, but unsure what to do with the station when you don’t need it?

Join WOW’s Rental Referral Program and put your station to work for other events locally.

Earn rental revenue, promote local drinking water, and help get rid of plastic water bottles.

What is the program all about?

At the end of our 2016 season, WOW decided to focus just on building and selling our stations. Read more about our decision here.

However, WOW still receives hundreds of inquiries from events and groups wanting to rent our stations. Inquiries from all over North America.

WOW also hears from our purchase clients that they don’t know what to do with the stations they buy after they use them 1, 2, 3…times a year for their primary events.

We want to connect these two groups together so station owners can help events in their communities access stations for rent or loan, and everyone can stay hydrated.

Who can join the program?

Anyone can join!

All you need is to own a minimum of one WOW water refill station, and be willing to rent or loan your station out to other local events when you are not using it.

WOW is specifically looking for station owners willing to share their stations in or near Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, California, Florida, New York State…and the list goes on!

How does the program work?

Joining the program is completely optional for station owners.

Upon your purchase of a WOW water station you will be given the opportunity to join the WOW Rental Referral Program.

Station owners that join and give permission will have their contact information shared when WOW receives a rental inquiry from an event or organization within 100KM of the station owner’s location.

Station owners may then be contacted by the original inquirer to explore the opportunity to rent or borrow your station(s).

All details and the decision to rent or loan your stations are between you and the inquirer.

Program benefits

Everyone wins!

Events and organizations looking to rent stations have the chance to access stations temporarily.

Station owners that choose to rent their stations can recoup some (or all) of their purchase costs over time.

Station owners willing to loan their stations help develop a sharing economy.

More water refill stations are available for use at events.

Drinking local water is promoted.

More water bottles get refilled.

Fewer disposable water bottles are relied on; and hopefully even fewer end up in landfills.

Next steps

Already own a station? Contact your WOW rep today to register for the Rental Referral Program!

Need a station? Visit the Buy A Station page for more information about purchasing a WOW water refill station.