Own a station? Rent it out.

WOW launches Rental Referral Program!

Interested in purchasing WOW water refill stations for your event or organization, but unsure what to do with the station when you don’t need it?

Join WOW’s Rental Referral Program and put your station to work for other events locally.

Earn rental revenue, promote local drinking water, and help get rid of plastic water bottles.

What is the program all about?

At the end of our 2016 season, WOW decided to focus just on building and selling our stations. Read more about our decision here.

However, WOW still receives hundreds of inquiries from events and groups wanting to rent our stations. Inquiries from all over North America.

WOW also hears from our purchase clients that they don’t know what to do with the stations they buy after they use them 1, 2, 3…times a year for their primary events.

We want to connect these two groups together so station owners can help events in their communities access stations for rent or loan, and everyone can stay hydrated.

Who can join the program?

Anyone can join!

All you need is to own a minimum of one WOW water refill station, and be willing to rent or loan your station out to other local events when you are not using it.

WOW is specifically looking for station owners willing to share their stations in or near Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, California, Florida, New York State…and the list goes on!

How does the program work?

Joining the program is completely optional for station owners.

Upon your purchase of a WOW water station you will be given the opportunity to join the WOW Rental Referral Program.

Station owners that join and give permission will have their contact information shared when WOW receives a rental inquiry from an event or organization within 100KM of the station owner’s location.

Station owners may then be contacted by the original inquirer to explore the opportunity to rent or borrow your station(s).

All details and the decision to rent or loan your stations are between you and the inquirer.

Program benefits

Everyone wins!

Events and organizations looking to rent stations have the chance to access stations temporarily.

Station owners that choose to rent their stations can recoup some (or all) of their purchase costs over time.

Station owners willing to loan their stations help develop a sharing economy.

More water refill stations are available for use at events.

Drinking local water is promoted.

More water bottles get refilled.

Fewer disposable water bottles are relied on; and hopefully even fewer end up in landfills.

Next steps

Already own a station? Contact your WOW rep today to register for the Rental Referral Program!

Need a station? Visit the Buy A Station page for more information about purchasing a WOW water refill station.


Water and Healthy Kids

Healthy Kids water stationNew water partnerships!

Water is a key part of Ontario`s Healthy Kids Strategy.

Since mid-2016 WOW has been building great relationships with many communities involved in the Province of Ontario’s Healthy Kids Challenge.

WOW is pleased to have sold many refill stations to a variety of communities, and looks forward to providing additional stations to more communities this year.

The second theme of the challenge is Water Does Wonders. As described on the Healthy Kids website, this theme encourages kids and families to reach for the tap instead of sugar beverages.

WOW is proud to be able to provide our WOW mini station as an easy refilling solution. It is important to us the kids and communities can choose to drink from the tap first.

Contact WOW today to inquire about purchasing a refill station for your community or upcoming event.

WOW transitions to station sales exclusively

The Water-on-Wheels team is excited to announce a major business decision – 2016 will be a transition year as WOW shifts its focus from offering both water station rental and sales, to offering exclusively water station sales in 2017.

“In 2014 Water-on-Wheels opened a new line of business manufacturing and selling its water refill stations to municipalities, colleges, universities, and organizations. The interest in purchasing stations by events and organizations looking for permanent sustainability solutions has increased so significantly, that we felt it was time to focus on serving the sales market” says WOW co-owner Rebecca Cotter.

“While the rental market is really where WOW got its start, and we have developed a lot of really positive partnerships with our rental clients, WOW is interested in the long-term sustainability of eliminating commercially-packaged bottled water” says Cotter. “In order to have the greatest sustainable impact, both environmentally, and economically for our clients, WOW has decided to focus on producing quality, economical water refill stations for purchase and long-term use.”

WOW will to take rental bookings, as stations are available, through the end of September 2016.

Clients interested in purchasing a water refill station are encouraged to review the “Buy a Station” page on the WOW website for more information about the stations WOW sells.

More information about the company’s transition will be posted online in the months to come.

Stay hydrated,

The WOW Team

AWWA profiles satisfied WOW purchase client

At the end of August a satisfied WOW client – The City of Bozeman, Montana – shared a great article from the August 2015 edition of the AWWA Journal in which their water refill station was profiled!

The City of Bozeman purchased a Classic Water Refill Station from WOW in 2014.

Read the whole Communication Without Words: How Utilities Can Become Visible to Their Customers article on our website now!

Bozeman has experienced amazing success keeping residents and visitors to local events hydrated using their water refill station. The station purchase has helped the Bozeman municipality communicate the value of water, open the channels of communication about the benefits of tap water over bottled water, and generate “a lot of fun discussions…about where their water comes from”. Purchasing a WOW water refill station for your event or municipality can provide similar results to your city’s hydration demands as well.

Find out more about how to purchase a Water-on-Wheels water refill station and how WOW can help your event or municipality hydrated using existing tap water infrastructure on the Buy a Station webpage, our Contact WOW today to discuss your hydration needs!

Happy reading!

“Canada 150” 2017 funding announced

Happy Canada Day!

In 2017 Canada will celebrate its 150 anniversary! The Department of Canadian Heritage has announced a new funding initiative: The Canada 150 Fund, aimed at providing funding for events that promote Canadian values, culture and history; generate national pride; and leave a legacy for the future.

Consider investing in a water station or multiple stations as part of your request for event funding and as part of your event’s legacy opportunities.

Find more information about The Canada 150 Fund on the Department of Canadian Heritage website.

Now is your chance to get creative and use this opportunity for funding to support your desire to invest in the long-term sustainable legacy of your event. Plan to add a water refill station to your event in 2017. Instead of renting a station considering making the investment in a station purchase that can be used at your events for years to come.

Purchasing a WOW water refill station is economical and turn-key.

WOW Mini stations retail for $3,500+HST and shipping.

WOW Classic stations retail for $9,000+HST and shipping.

Contact WOW today to explore the possibilities of purchasing a WOW water refill station for your Canada 150 event in 2017.

Plan ahead to stay hydrated. Let WOW help!