“Canada 150” 2017 funding announced

Happy Canada Day!

In 2017 Canada will celebrate its 150 anniversary! The Department of Canadian Heritage has announced a new funding initiative: The Canada 150 Fund, aimed at providing funding for events that promote Canadian values, culture and history; generate national pride; and leave a legacy for the future.

Consider investing in a water station or multiple stations as part of your request for event funding and as part of your event’s legacy opportunities.

Find more information about The Canada 150 Fund on the Department of Canadian Heritage website.

Now is your chance to get creative and use this opportunity for funding to support your desire to invest in the long-term sustainable legacy of your event. Plan to add a water refill station to your event in 2017. Instead of renting a station considering making the investment in a station purchase that can be used at your events for years to come.

Purchasing a WOW water refill station is economical and turn-key.

WOW Mini stations retail for $3,500+HST and shipping.

WOW Classic stations retail for $9,000+HST and shipping.

Contact WOW today to explore the possibilities of purchasing a WOW water refill station for your Canada 150 event in 2017.

Plan ahead to stay hydrated. Let WOW help!

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