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WOW sells water refill stations. 

Water refill station

WOW Mini – Front view


Affordable, durable and easy-to-use.

Purchase price: $3,500 CAD (+ taxes and shipping).

Makes a great addition to any municipality, college, university, special event or organization!

Water refill station

WOW Mini – back view


2 water bottle refill faucets.

Charcoal filtration system.

Water meter to track refills.

Size: 2.5 feet wide by 2.5 feet deep by 3.5 feet tall.

Use: Easily rolls into place at any indoor or outdoor event site and locks in position using its four lockable wheels.

Water: Connects to any garden hose faucet and distributes unlimited water. The station can refill up to 600 water bottles an hour. WOW Mini stations do not hold water.

Check out pictures of the WOW Mini in our photo gallery.

Customize Your WOW Mini

WOW Mini water refill stations can be customized and enhanced. Customization charges apply.

Water refill station

Drinking faucet customization.

Branding: The front panel of your WOW Mini can be custom-branded to feature event information, recognize sponsors, and promote an organization.

Drinking station: The addition of a drinking fountain can turn your station into a mobile drinking fountain.

Dish-washing: WOW can customize your station faucets to turn the station into a dish-washing sink.

Hand-washing: WOW can customize your station faucets to turn the station into a hand-washing sink.

WOW also sells replacement materials to support your station after you buy. Check out our Materials page for more information.

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